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GM, Honda Team-Up to Build Advanced Batteries for Electric Vehicles

General Motors Company (GM) will supply its next-generation battery system to Honda Motor Company.  

The companies will work together to develop batteries for electric vehicles. GM will supply cells and modules for electric vehicles, which will be sold by both companies in North America.

The press release from GM states: “Under the agreement, the companies will collaborate based on GM’s next-generation battery system with the intent for Honda to source the battery modules from GM. The collaboration will support each company’s respective and distinct vehicles. The combined scale and global manufacturing efficiencies will ultimately provide greater value to customers.”

The companies already collaborate on fuel cell vehicles. These cars turn hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. The by-products are only water and heat, which means these cars don’t emit any harmful fumes.

GM will start producing the new batteries called EME 1.0 around 2021. They will be smaller than the current batteries, but they will charge faster. They will also provide more power.

According to Reuters, GM is cutting down the amount of cobalt in the new batteries. Cobalt is the highest priced compound in lithium-ion batteries. The batteries will include more nickel, which helps them store and produce more energy.

GM plans to drastically increase electric vehicle production. The new batteries are a step in that direction. The collaboration will help both companies to reduce the cost of electric vehicles while keeping separate products.

GM is also developing a flexible architecture for electric vehicles to introduce a variety of shapes and sizes.

The partnership between Honda and GM could be their way of competing with Tesla in the electric vehicle space.

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