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To Increase the Profitability of your Investment Portfolio, Check Out These 5 Charts

On this site, you will discover 5 charts that clearly demonstrate why American Lithium Corp. (TSXv: Li; OTCQB: LIACF) could be the most valuable small cap addition to your investment portfolio.

#1 Location

What this chart means:

The American Lithium Fish Lake Valley operation is in Nevada, specifically at map coordinates 37°41’24.52″ N -118°04’25.14″ W.

It covers more than 20,000 acres, is a few miles from the well-known Clayton Valley lithium mining location, 20 miles from the largest lithium mine in North America and less than 4 hours drive from Tesla’s Gigafactory.

American Lithium Corp. studied the exploration and extraction methods of major lithium players like Albemarle and developed more effective methods and techniques to extract both, lithium brine and lithium claystone, out of the ground and into production quickly and economically.

American Lithium Corp. did not reinvent the wheel – they just figured out a way to make it work better. Their Fish Lake Valley project is as close as possible to the Clayton Valley Project, with nearly identical geophysical features. Then they went to work building a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan to extract, process and ship lithium.

What does this mean for investors?

While some companies explore in the lithium triangle in South America, American Lithium prefers to focus on an American location. They prefer working with familiar rules and regulations, easy-to-reach manufacturers, and an experienced workforce.

American Lithium takes full advantage of all these features to produce reliable and high-quality lithium from a well-known source for the benefit of their shareholders.

Sophisticated investors take advantage of the investment opportunity that is American Lithium Corp.

#2 Project Test Results

Extensive Historic Exploration

National Instrument 43-101 titled Technical Report, Fish Lake Valley Lithium – Brine Property, Esmeralda County, Nevada, Nov 30, 2015*

In-Sediment Concentrations:

Lithium 116 ppm to 1040 ppm (average 540.7 ppm)
Boron 110 ppm to 4070 ppm (average 1772 ppm)
Potassium TBD ?
Magnesium 0.35% to 6.37% (average 2.09%)


Brines tested to-date also contain anomalous concentrations of:

Lithium Ranging from 0.81 mg/L to 150 mg/L
Boron From <1 mg/L to 2670 mg/L
Potassium TBD ?
Magnesium From 0.116 mg/L to 41.5 mg/L

Handbook of Lithium and Natural Calcium Chloride – Their Deposits, Processing, Uses and Properties. Garrett, Donald E., 2004; Elsevier Academic Press. * The detailed disclosure contained in the NI 43-101 Technical Report is hereby incorporated in summary by reference in this presentation. The full text of the Technical Report may be accessed online under the SEDAR profile of Lithium Corp. at www.sedar.com

What this chart means:

These test results, based on preliminary drilling, reveal the following milestones:

  • Sampled near surface lithium brines up to 300 mg/l Li
  • 3D model delivered excellent targets for deeper basin exploration
  • Claystone identified to the South and East of the basin
  • 3D basin model drives acquisition of additional claystone target land
  • Drilled and sampled four exploratory holes up to 500’ using sonic drilling techniques at opposite ends (N-S) of the property
  • Completed initial geophysical basin study
  • Collected 214 near-surface samples from the North area
  • 55 near-surface samples collected from the North Playa averaged 150 mg/L and ranged from 100 – 300 mg/L

What does this mean for investors?

Drilling depth: Many other lithium miners drilled test water wells in the area, but their test holes were too shallow to find lithium brine.

American Lithium Corp found no brine for the first 450+ feet. But a 500-foot level test hole delivered the precious brine.

In both the brine, and the surrounding sedimentary rock, they found lithium carbonate. The chart above clearly shows that both sources deliver rich deposits with large product values (about $8,000 per tonne) and both have lower costs of extraction ($2,500 to $4,000 per tonne for brine and $3,500 to $4,500 per tonne for sedimentary) than competitors costs.

American Lithium Corp made an additional, valuable discovery.

Their exploration turned up rich deposits of boron. Amorphous boron is a rocket fuel igniter and used in pyrotechnic flares. (Boron gives the flares a distinctive green colour.)

It is found in eye drops, mild antiseptics, washing powders and tile glazes. Boric oxide is used commonly in the manufacture of borosilicate glass (Pyrex). It makes the glass tough and heat resistant. Fibreglass textiles and insulation are made from borosilicate glass.

The cost-of-extraction and per-tonne value of boron is very similar to lithium, so large additional profits are very possible from this project.

In summary, lower cost of extraction, plus greater value, plus additional mineral finds, equal a very profitable situation that could result in a positive situation for investors who add American Lithium Corp to their investment portfolios.

So far, you’ve seen 2 of the 5 charts. Wait until you see No. 5… it will be the clincher to help you take advantage of what could be one of the most rewarding small cap stocks in the next 10 years… Please keep reading…

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#3 Project Timeline
(By Quarter)

American Lithium Corp plans to take these next steps:

Q1 2018 Create a Phase 2 basin model
Q2 2018 Detailed geological mapping, collection and analysis of surface samples of claystone on the west, north and east sides of the North Playa
Q3 2018 Topographic mapping using photogrammetric or LiDAR techniques
Q3 2018 Deep drilling to 1800 feet to evaluate the extent of lithium deposits
Q3 2018 Create grid samples of existing and newly acquired claims for lithium claystone
Q3 2018 Identify additional shallow drill sites for lithium claystones
Q4 2018 Identify additional deep drill locations for evaluating extent and character of lithium brines

What this chart means:

American Lithium Corp recognized an impressive opportunity and set in motion a strategic and tactical plan to develop it in the most logical and financially beneficial way.

The items above list additional drilling, testing and sampling that, based on existing results, should reap huge investment rewards.

The plan also focuses American Lithium Corp on the two available sources of lithium, the brine water and the claystone (as well as the expected boron supply). As both brine and claystone are excellent sources of the metal required to power the batteries of tomorrow, both will be expertly and thoroughly mined by American Lithium Corp

What does this mean for investors?

Sophisticated investors appreciate the fact that both sources of lithium, as well as the bonus boron resource, will be tapped into at this project.

In addition, American Lithium Corp will use modern extraction techniques, carefully developed to lower extraction costs, which add to the profitability of the operation.

That’s why so many active investors have an interest in adding American Lithium Corp to their portfolios.

#4 Global Demand

Lithium Demand

What this chart means: 

American Lithium Corp is ready to take advantage of the worldwide demand for clean energy sources. Today, more and more computers, phones and cars run on lithium battery power.

Cell phones may only need a small amount of lithium for their batteries, but companies manufacture millions of cell phones every year around the world. (Chinese companies manufactured more than 139,580,000 cell phones in the last year!)

Today, almost 2 million (1.9 million) electric cars drive the roads and highways around the world every day. In 2018, 256,300,000 computers will be built and sold – each powered by a lithium-ion battery.

American Lithium Corp’s Fish Lake Valley project aims to contribute greatly to the global desire for lithium-ion power.

What does this mean for investors?

This is the best news investors can see about American Lithium Corp: a global supply/demand situation exists that creates tremendous confidence in the investment opportunity with consistent growth for years to come.

The chart above clearly and dramatically demonstrates that climb in demand and growth.

Savvy investors see the growth-curve-relationship between this investment opportunity and the potential financial rewards.

That is why American Lithium Corp is a “must-watch’ for every small-cap investor looking to add to their portfolio.


That’s four of the 5 charts. I promised you earlier that number five was the most important for small cap investors. 


But before I show you chart 5, I need to tell you about a new FREE report now available that could change the way you invest and could change your financial future (and secure the financial health of your family) for years to come.


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The company is on the verge of taking the fantastic results of the first test drills in their Fish Lake Valley, NV project and starting phase two of the project – with even better results expected! First test results were so good, they just added more than 3,000 acres to the Nevada project site.

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The market we are in right now is truly a special situation. If you’re like many of the investors we speak with, your biggest concern is how you’re going to recover from any recent hits you took as the market rose and fell.

Now it’s time for the most important chart of all… this is the One Chart Every Potential Investor Wants to See… The Most Important Chart Every Investor NEEDS to See…

#5 Tsx Volume And Share Value

Share Information

Shares Outstanding 35,910,672
Stock Options 3,550,000
Warrants 27,303,898
Fully Diluted 66,764,570
Cash Position CAD$2.7 Mil
Market Capitalization $10,082,988
Average Daily Share Trading Volume 155,791 (as per Globe and Mail)

The share price of American Lithium grew from $0.09 to $0.36 in 12 months. That is a 344.4% INCREASE!

American Lithium Corp is the investment opportunity you should consider adding to your small-cap portfolio.

We created a FREE report that helps you learn how you can reap greater possible rewards in the small cap lithium mining sector – rewards like the 344% share value increase American Lithium (TSX: Li; OTCQB: LIACF) delivered in just 12 months.
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