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Iowa Welcomes Its First Public Fast-Charging Station

Iowa just welcomed its first public fast-charging station for electric vehicles.

The station is located in the parking lot of the PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex in Burlington.

The charging station can be used for free. It can fully charge an electric vehicle in 45-60 minutes.

The project was looked over by Alliant Energy, which provides a number of energy solutions.

“These charging stations will help reduce range anxiety by providing EV drivers what is essentially an electric gas station,” said Gilbert Nunez, manager of business support and development for Alliant Energy.

“We believe the ability to plug in and charge away from home gives drivers the freedom to go where they want, when they want and still get home with miles to spare on their batteries,” he added.

PZAZZ will launch the station at its Entertainment Complex through an event on September 15. A number of car dealers will showcase electric vehicles that visitors can test drive.  Some staff from Alliant Energy will also be present to discuss rebates that make electric vehicles more affordable.

The decision to add charging stations at the Entertainment Complex will make the PZAZZ! venue more accessible to electric vehicle drivers.

“The EV charging options we have at the PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex fit every driver’s needs,” said Megan Bell, director of marketing and advertising for Great River Entertainment. “With more EV models on the way, these charging stations will make our casino and hotel a destination for more and more customers.”

News source: Pen City Current, Des Moines Register

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