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­­Mercedes-Benz Turns Coal Plant into Battery Storage

Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy has turned a coal power plant into a battery storage facility for electric cars.

The Mobility House and Getec Energie partnered up with Mercedes-Benz Energy to set up the facility. The result is an innovative storage spot that supports renewable energy.

The plant is located in Elverlingsen, South Westphalia and holds 1920 battery modules. These can support at least 600 vehicles.

The facility has an installed power output of 8.96 MW and energy capacity of 9.8 MWh. It is available to the energy market.

Daimler explained: “To be usable as a replacement, a battery needs regular cycling during the storage period – deliberate, battery-conserving charging and discharging. This prevents exhaustive discharge which can lead to a battery defect. At the same time, the partners are reacting efficiently to the growing demands to compensate grid fluctuations and are presenting an attractive business case, as the systems provide a service on the German market for primary balancing power before they are potentially used in electric vehicles from Daimler AG.”

Daimler pointed out that grid stability requires a maximum reaction time of 30 seconds. The new storage system beats this requirement and reacts within milliseconds.

The battery storage facility was constructed on the site of a coal-fired power station that was built in 1912 and recently shut down. The storage is another step toward the change in energy storage and usage.

Mindful industries, especially automakers, are moving away from fuel-powered sources and embracing systems that reduce carbon emissions.

Mercedes-Benz Energy provides energy storage solutions for homes, businesses, and utilities. The company uses lithium-ion batteries to optimize energy consumption and provide backup power.

Last year, Mercedez-Benz Energy started working on a similar storage facility with Enercity in Herrenhausen. The automaker set aside 3,000 battery modules from its production of electric cars at the new plant.

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