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Nano-Material to Increase Battery Life 100 Times

A group of physicists from the University of Missouri has developed a material that can significantly increase battery life – more than 100-fold to be precise.

The team is led by Deepak K. Singh, associate professor of physics at University of Missouri.

They have applied for a patent for a magnetic material with a honeycomb lattice structure.

The group developed a two-dimensional, nanostructured material by depositing a magnetic alloy on a silicon surface with a honeycomb structure.

“A diode normally conducts current and voltage through the device along only one biasing direction, but when the voltage is reversed, the current stops. This switching process costs significant energy due to dissipation, or the depletion of the power source, thus affecting battery life. By substituting the semiconductor with a magnetic system, we believed we could create an energetically effective device that consumes much less power with enhanced functionalities,” explained Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh pointed out that they are still developing the end product. Once complete, the normal five-hour charge could increase to more than a 500-hour charge.

“The device could also act as an ‘on/off switch’ for other periphery components such as closed-circuit cameras or radio frequency attenuators, which reduces power flowing through a device. We have applied for a US patent and have begun the process of incorporating a spin-off company to help us take the device to market,” he added.

The team is now looking at creating a spin-off company to bring the technology to market.
The University of Missouri has had a huge impact on the state’s economic development efforts.
A proposed startup company associated with the research highlighted the university’s impact on the state’s economic development efforts.

Companies commercializing MU technologies have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in investments and grants to advance their commercialization efforts.

In 2017, the Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations reported that 31 US patents were issued to members of the University of Missouri community.

Company Spotlight – American Lithium Corp.

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