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New BMW i3 Battery Could Go Up to 200 Miles

The BMW Blog reports that the BMW i3 is about to get a battery cell upgrade to push range over 200 miles or 350 kilometers.

The German website BimmerToday, which exclusively covers BMW news, reported that the automaker is preparing to launch a BMW i3 120Ah. It promises greater coverage with an even larger lithium-ion battery.

“The more powerful battery could increase the standard range according to NEDC to over 350 kilometers and thus also appease the last range doubters,” the publication said.

BMW worked with Samsung SDI to introduce energy dense battery cells in the existing battery pack to increase battery range.

BMW made any other major upgrades to the i3, including its powertrain architecture.

As previously mentioned, BMW hasn’t done any major upgrades to the i3 including updating its powertrain architecture.

BMW will launch the vehicle early next year in some markets. The company will roll out the new car in 2020.

The upgrade in range is sure to relieve range anxiety for most owners.

In related news, BMW Brilliance signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL). will receive $2.8 million to supply batteries to BMW Brilliance.

CATL is China’s biggest lithium battery maker. BMW Brilliance is a joint venture between BMW and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings.

According to the agreement, BMW Brilliance will purchase a battery capacity construction project from CATL for $121.4 million. They will use that to produce battery cells for electric vehicles.

The two companies also signed a long-term procurement agreement. According to the agreement, CATL will supply specific battery products to BMW Brilliance in the future for an advance payment of 2.9 billion yuan. This is about 1.6 percent of CATL’s market capitalization based on its recent share price.

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