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Startup Unveils All Electric, Autonomous Logging Truck

Swedish startup Einride unveiled an all-electric and autonomous logging truck at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

The truck is called T-log and can navigate forest roads. It is more powerful than the T-pod, an all-electric autonomous truck introduced by Einride last year.

Einride CEO Robert Falck said: “Einride is constantly pushing the boundaries of autonomous and all-electric vehicles in our ambition to lead the transition to a sustainable transportation system. With the T-log, we’ve created a vehicle that can withstand the rigors of a demanding environment. It is uncharted territory for us, but also an enormous market for battery-powered AVs.”

The truck uses a self driving platform from Nvidia Drive and is SEA Level 4 autonomous. It has no driver cab but can be driven with a remote control from hundreds of miles away.

It uses Phantom Auto teleoperation safety technology, which is designed to provide robust, minimal latency telecommunications.

The vehicle is equipped with cameras, lidars, and radars for complete awareness of its surroundings.

Einride says that the truck does not have a driver’s cab but has more loading capacity instead. The vehicle is also smaller and has more flexibility, lower production costs, and decreased operating costs. The T-log has optimized energy consumption that enables it to run only on batteries, even in the difficult landscapes.

Mr. Falck explains: “The driver’s cab is what makes trucks expensive to produce, and having a driver in the cabin is what makes them expensive to operate. Remove the cabin and replace the driver with an operator who can monitor and remote-control several vehicles at once and costs can be reduced significantly. In addition, operating a vehicle from a distance allows for a much better working environment, as has already been demonstrated in industries like mining.”

Moreover, the truck is an eco-friendly alternative to diesel-operated trucks. It is also safer than driver operated trucks because it can be controlled from a distance.

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