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Uber Is Paying Drivers to Go Electric

Uber will give monetary incentives to drivers who use electric vehicles instead of fuel-powered vehicles in the United States.

The company announced a new pilot program called the EV Champions Initiative in a recent blog post. The program was built in partnership with leading electric vehicle (EV) adoption experts.

The rules say that Uber drivers should own or lease the electric vehicles they use to qualify for the incentives.

The program kicked off in seven cities: Austin, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. The incentives will be different for each city.

The company aims to hit five million Uber rides in electric vehicles over the next year.

Uber has introduced in-app features for EV drivers to reduce range anxiety, starting with a notification for trips that are longer than 30 minutes. The app will also notify riders when they are paired with an EV driver.

To give its green revolution a boost, Uber will educate drivers about incentives and programs they can take advantage of in their cities.

A few months ago, competitor Lyft launched a program to offset carbon emissions. The company said it will invest in projects that support renewable energy and reforestation.

Uber’s incentive program is another step toward the transition to an oil-free transport system. It comes after Governor Jerry Brown’s executive order to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles in California to five million by 2030.

Austin Heyworth, an Uber spokesman, told LA Times: “We share Gov. [Jerry] Brown and Sen. Skinner’s goal of reducing climate emissions, and we look forward to working with policymakers to increase access to affordable [electric vehicle] mobility without limiting economic earnings opportunities.”

Moreover, governments across the world are introducing legislatures in favor of hybrid and electric vehicles. This will direct customers to purchase more electric cars. Bloomberg forecasts electric vehicle sales will reach $41 million by 2040.

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