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UPS to Add Futuristic Electric Trucks to Its Fleet Soon

The company already uses electric tricycles to make deliveries in Portland. Soon, it will launch futuristic trucks in Paris and London.

UPS will add electric trucks to its fleet soon. The company has teamed up with an automaker called Arrival to achieve this goal. They will run 35 futuristic electric vehicles as a pilot project in Paris and London.

UPS says the new electric trucks will have a 150-mile range on a single charge – which is more than other delivery vehicles. The trucks also come with a “highly advanced vehicle display” and some more safety features, such as the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

And of course, the trucks will produce no emissions and help with climate control efforts.

UPS and Arrival have been working together to introduce more electric vehicles to the UPS fleet since 2016.

Currently, UPS has around 300 electric vehicles and 700 hybrid vehicles in Europe and the United States.

UPS has been working on switching to greener modes of transport for a while. The company has spent around $750 million on alternative fuel vehicles since 2009.

It has ordered 125 of Tesla’s semi-trucks as part of this plan. Earlier this year UPS announced it is working with Workhouse Group Inc. to add 50 electric trucks to its fleet. UPS is also working with Thor Trucks to make another electric delivery truck.

Interestingly, UPS even uses electric tricycles to make deliveries in some cities.

News source: Engadget, Fast Company

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